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Raised Floor Systems

Raised Floor Systems

CPI offers several styles of Zone Cabling & Wireless Enclosures that can be used under raised access floors. Enclosures are UL Listed 2043 and can be located in air-handling spaces (the plenum).

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1 Raised Floor Enclosure for Active Components

Features a lift-out tray for 2U x 10-1/4"D (260 4 mm) of active components and 5U (divided 2U - 1U - 2U) for passive connectivity

2 Raised Floor Enclosure for Fiber

Prepare your data center for future changes by pre-wiring it with fiber connections located under an access floor.

1 Raised Floor Enclosure with Locking Cover for Patch Panels

Drop-In enclosure measures 21-1/4" x 22-1/4" (539.8 mm x 565.2 mm) and includes a locking cover for use completely below access floor tiles. Installation only requires the removal of one floor tile

7 Raised Floor Enclosures for Patch Panels

Raised Floor Enclosures fit under a single 2' x 2' access floor tile. Use the access floor tile as enclosure lid. All models except A0222-RF, include access floor installation brackets.

1 Raised Floor Mounting Bracket

Additional brackets used to support Raised Floor Enclosures from access floor support pedestals. Kit includes four brackets.