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Wall-Mount Open Systems

Wall-Mount Open Systems

Wall-Mount Open Systems provide a cost-effective equipment mounting solution where space is limited.

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40 EasySwing Wall-Mount Rack

EasySwing Wall-Mount Racks  are a family of open wall-mounted 19" EIA swing gate racks available in three heights and four depths.

90 Fixed Wall-Mount Equipment Rack

The Fixed Wall Mount Equipment Rack is a sturdy platform for wall mounting equipment.

40 Heavy-Duty Wall-Mount Equipment Rack

Use the Heavy-Duty Wall-Mount Equipment Rack to hold up to 350 lb (158.8 kg).

50 Hinged Panel Mounting Bracket

The Hinged Panel Mounting Bracket provides easy access to back of wall or rack-mounted panels.

96 Standard Swing Gate Wall Rack

Standard Swing Gate Wall Rack is a swing-out wall rack for patch panels and switches.

20 Universal Swing Gate Wall Rack

Universal Swing Gate Rack is a full-featured swing-out wall rack for supporting patch panels and switches.