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Additional Products

Additional Products

CPI offers a variety of additional products to enhance the value of CPI Two-Post or Four-Post Racks such as shelves, cable management and installation accessories, 

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9 110D Block Mounting Brackets

110D Block Mounting Brackets are designed for wall- or rack-mount, providing integrated wire management and mounting surfaces for 100 pair or 300 pair 110D blocks.

16 110D Block Mounting Panels

Used for easy and space-saving mounting of standard 110D Type Wiring Blocks (not included).

1 Anchor Setting Tool

Use the specially designed Anchor Setting Tool to install 06001-004 Anchor.

2 Anchors

Use to secure threaded rods or stud bolts in concrete or masonry.

2 anyServer Bracket

anyServer Bracket is a simple, yet sturdy solution to secure virtually any server to a 19”W, two-post open rack.

4 Axial Fan and Cover Kit for Single Rack Enclosure

Axial fan draws heated internal air to the top of the enclosure and exhausts it to the outside.

10 Base Angle

Optional or replacement base angle for CPI Racks.

1 Baying Kit for High Density Patching Frame

Baying Kit for High Density Patching Frame; Black

20 Block Mounting Bar

Block Mounting Bar mounts terminal blocks, card files and other equipment on 19” and 23” racks.

5 Bottom Panel for Single Rack Enclosures

When rack rollers are used on a single rack installed inside an enclosure, the rack rollers lift the enclosure slightly off the ground, permitting unfiltered air into the enclosure.

3 Cable Guide Kit

T-shaped cable guides (7U) snap-on to the front or rear of the rack to organize cables. The openings align with each rack-mount unit on the rack. For use with Adjustable Rail 4-Post Racks.

1 Cable Management Arm Kit for Extra-Extended Sliding Equipment Shelf

Cable Management Arm Kit manages the cables of electronic equipment installed on the Extra-Extended Sliding Equipment Shelf. No more tangles, twists or damage from cuts, kinks, etc. during shelf extension or retraction, and the proper cable bend r