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Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Provide advanced power distribution with optional network monitoring and controllable outlets.

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13 Basic Horizontal Rack-Mount PDUs

19"EIA rack-mount Basic PDUs and Metered PDUs with NEMA L5-20P and L5-30P plugs for single-phase 125 Volt applications.

11 Basic Vertical Power Distribution Units

Basic PDUs feature electromagnetic circuit breakers which isolate power problems to a particular group of power outlets preventing disruption of power on other circuit segments.

14 Metered Horizontal Rack-Mount PDUs

19"EIA rack-mount metered PDUs with IEC C-20 and 2P+E plugs for single-phase 230 Volt applications.

25 Metered Vertical Power Distribution Units

Metered PDUs include an in-line digital ammeter that displays the amount of current being used by attached equipment so that you can track current use and estimate remaining power on each circuit segment.

2 Monitored Horizontal Rack-Mount PDUs

Monitored PDUs include an Ethernet port that allows network-based monitoring of current use, temperature and humidity using a web browser or CPI’s Scalable Enterprise Management Application (SEMA) software or another application via SNMP.

2 PowerWedge Controlled Horizontal Rack-Mount PDUs

The PowerWedge PDU is a single-phase, horizontal rack-mount, power distribution unit with 19"W EIA mounting brackets. It can be used in a CPI Cabinet or 4-Post Rack.