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eConnect PDUs

eConnect PDUs

eConnect® Power Distribution Units (PDUs) provide the ultimate solution for cabinet level power distribution in evolving enterprise data centers. With innovative capabilities such as Secure Array™ IP Consolidation and the ability to ship preinstalled in CPI cabinets, eConnect PDUs offer the quickest and lowest cost deployment among all intelligent rack PDU solutions in the industry.

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70 Basic Vertical eConnect PDU

Basic eConnect® PDUs provide simple, reliable power distribution to equipment in your racks and cabinets. Locking Outlets provide additional stability and prevent accidental disconnections.

31 Metered Vertical eConnect PDUs

For use in data centers and equipment room racks and cabinets, where deployment of networked PDUs is not an option. Local display provides easy reading of input current to help with initial installation and proper balanced operation.

8 Monitored Horizontal eConnect PDU

Monitored Horizontal eConnect® PDUs include features that enable the monitoring of voltage, current, power (kW) and energy (kilowatt-hour) levels

78 Monitored Pro Vertical eConnect PDU

Monitored Pro Vertical eConnect® Power Distribution Units (PDU) provide continuous, automated monitoring of PDUs and outlets, providing metering detail for each connected piece of equipment.

90 Monitored Vertical eConnect PDU

Monitored eConnect® PDUs include features that enable the monitoring of voltage, current, power (kW) and energy (kilowatt-hour) levels with a ±1% metering accuracy for each PDU in the data center.

8 Switched Horizontal eConnect PDU

Switched Horizontal eConnect® PDUs allow on/off control of power at individual PDUs and outlets and provides continuous, automated monitoring of individual and grouped PDUs.

57 Switched Pro Vertical eConnect PDU

Switched Pro eConnect® PDUs provide reliable power distribution, continuous cabinet-level and equipment-level per-outlet power monitoring though a local display and web interface and remote per-outlet control.

63 Switched Vertical eConnect PDU

Switched eConnect® Power Distribution Units (PDU) provide reliable power distribution for evolving enterprise data centers, whether connecting a few pieces of equipment or supporting high-density computing.