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CPI offers an extensive line of accessories for power management solutions.

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1 Cord Retention Tethers

Cord Retention Tethers are used with cable ties to secure power cords next to C13 and C19 outlets and to C20 power inlets. The tethers snap onto a small stud next to each outlet/inlet on the PDU. Order cable ties separately.

3 Environmental Probe and Temperature Humidity Sensor

Environmental Probe with built-in Temperature and Humidity Sensors for use with Monitored, Monitored Pro, Swtiched and Switched Pro eConnect® PDUs.

1 Environmental Probe Assembly For PowerScope In-Line Meter

Environmental probe that includes a temperature and humidity sensor for use with PowerScope In-Line Meter. RJ11, 5'6"L (1.7 m) Cord

1 Ground Wire Kit

Ground Wire Kit, 7"(178 mm) L x 1"(25mm) H x 1"(25mm) W

13 IEC C20 PDU Input Power Cords

Input power cords for use with eConnect® PDUs that have IEC C20 inlets.

1 Serial Setup Cable

PowerScope and PDU Signal Cable is a proprietary cable used for initial setup with PowerScope In-Line Meter or Power Distribution Units (PDUs). 

1 Tool-less Mounting Hardware

Used to attach PDUs to mounting brackets or power managers. Includes two buttons and screws.

1 Tool-less Mounting Hardware Kit

Tool-less Mounting Hardware Kit, Pack of 2, for use with eConnect power products

1 Vertical PDU Mounting Bracket Kit

Used to attach Vertical PDUs to CPI Rack Systems; supports (1) PDU

1 Vertical Power Strip Bracket

Adding power to a cabinet, CPI’s QuadraRack or any other EIA standard rack product is a breeze. The Universal Cabinet/QuadraRack Vertical Power Strip Bracket enhances the flexibility of the Versa-clamp.