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eConnect Electronic Access Control

eConnect Electronic Access Control

eConnect® Electronic Access Control (EAC) provides an easy-to-use and economical networked electronic lock solution for data center cabinets. Integration with eConnect power distribution units (PDUs) removes the need to power and network the locks separately. Use a single network connection to deliver power, environmental monitoring and access control. 

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1 Door Sensor Kit for eConnect® Electronic Access Control

Use eConnect EAC Door Sensor Kit to generate output signals for remote access monitoring.

1 eConnect® Electronic Access Control Smart Cards

13.56 MHz MIFARE smart cards for cabinet access.

1 eConnect® Electronic Access Control Swinghandle Upgrade Kit

Smart card-based electronic access solution kit for CPI GlobalFrame and TeraFrame Cabinets.

1 RF IDeas Frequency Card Enrollment Reader

Use RF IDeas EAC Smart Card Reader for programming eConnect EAC Smart Cards or any other existing smart cards.

1 Wire Harness Kit for eConnect® Electronic Access Control

Use eConnect EAC Wire Harness Kit as a spare if you need to connect the EAC with eConnect PDUs.

3 Zwipe Access Card with Biometric Authentication

Zwipe Access Card with Biometric Authentication provides a highly secure, easy-to-deploy, dual-factor biometric access control system that is fully compatible with most existing employee ID systems and CPI Electronic