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Environmental Monitoring & Security

Environmental Monitoring & Security

CPI's Environmental Monitoring and Security Systems provide a variety of products to meet the need for security and monitoring within the data center. 

eConnect Electronic Access Control

eConnect® Electronic Access Control (EAC) provides an easy-to-use and economical networked electronic lock solution for data center cabinets. Integration with eConnect power distribution units (PDUs) removes the need to power and network the locks separately. Use a single network connection to deliver power, environmental monitoring and access control. 

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Electronic Locks

Electronic Lock Kits Systems 1000 by CPI offer enhanced security over standard mechanical or combination locks. They are standalone electronic keypad locks with multiple user access levels and codes. Each Electronic Lock Kit includes hardware for mounting the lock to a specific type of cabinet and door.

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Networked Electronic Access Control

The Networked EAC provides remote front and rear lock control and keeps a record of each cabinet access attempt. The lock is equipped with a bi-color (blue/magenta) status LED that provides a visible notification of the latch status. Sensors in the lock generate output signals for remote access monitoring, and send notifications when conditions of the latch or door change.

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Remote Infrastructure Management - Wired

Remotely monitor, record and analyze environmental security and safety conditions in data centers and equipment rooms. The Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) System by CPI consists of a full line of appliances and sensors that provide continuous environmental, power and security monitoring in your facility. RIM can provide an integrated view of all facility equipment using a simple web interface or interconnect with building management systems.

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