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Cable Runway

Cable Runway

Support backbone and horizontal cables between the point of entry and exit into telecommunications or equipment rooms and cross-connects on racks or cabinets with CPI Cable Runway Products.

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4 45 Degree Runway-Splice Kit

Butt-splice Cable Runway at a 45º angle.

4 90 Degree Runway-Splice Kit

Designed to butt-splice 1-1/2" (38.1 mm) Cable Runway at a 90º angle.

12 Adjustable Floor Support Channel, Cable Runway

Use for floor support for cable runway grids.

2 Adjustable Junction-Splice Kit

Adjust to form any junction angle for cabling that requires a large radius bend or to route around existing plumbing, electrical, ect.

28 Alternate Space Cable Runway

Designed specifically for use over 19" wide racks (CPI series 55053, 46353 or 66353) and any 6"W (150 mm) vertical cable manager.

2 Auxiliary Framing Channel Splice, Cable Runway

Used to butt-splice either 9/16" x 2" or 1" x 2" Auxiliary Framing Channel.

9 Auxiliary Framing Channel, Cable Runway

Steel channel or bar commonly used as auxiliary framing for Cable Runways

6 Butt-Splice Kit

Connect two sections of runway end-to-end. Fits both solid and tubular steel 1-1/2" x 3/8" and 2" x 3/8" (38.1 mm x 9.53 mm and 50.8 x 9.53 mm).

25 Cable Runway Center Support Kit

This kit has been designed to make installation of cable runway in the ceiling even easier by using just a single point of attachment. The center attachment design not only makes installation easy, but also provides quick and simple cable routing with<

10 Cable Runway Corner Bracket

Create a radius for L, T, or X-shaped intersections of Cable Runway.

14 Cable Runway E-Bend

Creates a gradual bend in horizontal cascading cable runs and a gradual sweep in horizontal planes for Cable Runway runs. Designed for cabling in conformance with minimum bend radius requirements.

20 Cable Runway Elevation Kit

Supports Cable Runway above a continuous row of CPI Racks or Cabinets of varying heights and provides additional space between the tops of the racks or cabinets and the cable runway