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Wire Cage Enclosures

Wire Cage Enclosures

Wire Cage Enclosures from Chatsworth Products create a security partition around your equipment in shared facility spaces such as Multi-Tenant Data Centers (MTDC), colocation sites, entrance facilities and equipment rooms.

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1 Adjustable Panels

Adjustable Panels are fillers used to close small gaps in the Wire Cage Enclosures.

1 Clear-Span Ceilings

Clear-Span Ceilings provide additional security by enclosing the top of Wire Cage Enclosures.

1 Double-Hinged Doors

Double-Hinged Doors swing open to provide large opening for accessing the Wire Cage Enclosure.

1 Electronic Locks

Electronic Locks for Wire Cage Enclosures actuate on a 12-Volt or 24-Volt signal from the Building Access System (BAS).

1 Hinged Doors

Hinged Doors swing open to provide access into Wire Cage Enclosures. Standard Hinged Doors create a 3' or 4' W by 7'-3-1/4" H opening. Other heights available.

1 Modular Panels

Modular Panels are the wire mesh walls on the Wire Cage Enclosures. Modular Panels are available in ten standard widths (1' to 10') and two heights (4' an 5').

1 Posts

Post support the Wire Cage Enclosure Modular Panels. Three styles are available: corner posts for L-shaped intersections, run posts for straight sections and tee posts for T-shaped intersections.

1 Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors provide access to the Wire Cage Enclosure, but do not require aisle clearance for the door swing like Hinged Doors or Double-Hinged Doors.

1 Standard Door Locks

The Standard Door Lock includes an exterior key actuated deadbolt with an internal recessed release latch. Standard locks are keyed differently unless alike is requested.