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MegaFrame Cabinet

MegaFrame Cabinet

The MegaFrame® Family of Cabinets feature a lightweight aluminum frame and bolted construction, allowing the cabinet to be shipped partially assembled.

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3 23"-19" Rail Adapter Kit for MegaFrame

Mount your 19"W equipment in a 23"W MegaFrame Cabinet with the 23"-19" Rail Adapter Kit that includes 12 adapters and package hardware.

792 48" (1220 mm) M-Series MegaFrame® Cabinet

The 48”H (1220 mm) M-Series MegaFrame® Cabinet is designed for space conscious customers who demand value, while offering the same excellent quality that sets CPI apart from the competition. This convenient height cabinet is designed specific

48 Cabinet Airflow Baffles for MegaFrame & SlimFrame Cabinets

Air Dam creates a barrier between the cabinet door and the front of equipment along the top, bottom and sides of the cabinet. When used in combination with Perforated Front and Rear doors, Air Dam helps to channel cool air to the front of equipment and

2 Cabinet Fan Kit Replacement for M-Series MegaFrame Cabinets

Replacement Kit (2 Fans on 1 Frame); Available in 115 VAC or 230 VAC

2 Caster Kit for MegaFrame & SlimFrame Cabinets

Caster Kits allow cabinets to be moved quickly and easily. When space is limited, cabinets can be placed against the wall when not in service. Casters allow for easy reconfiguration of space.

2376 C-Series SlimFrame® Cabinet System

C-Series SlimFrame® Cabinet has the features of the MegaFrame Cabinet in a smaller 24" (610 mm) wide footprint to align with raised access floor tiles.

12 Deluxe Air Filter Kit for MegaFrame Cabinet

The Deluxe Filter Cabinet Ventilation System provides “positive pressure” inside the cabinet, ensuring the highest level of protection from airborne dust particles. 

72 Double Door for MegaFrame & SlimFrame Cabinets

Replacement doors are available in several styles including solid or vented plexiglass and solid or high-flow perforated metal. The high-flow perforated metal door has a 63% open area for maximum ventilation. Doors are easy to remove and can be mounted

6 Enhanced Vertical Cable Manager Kit for MegaFrame

Enhanced Vertical Manager allows cables to be organized by rack-mount space, making it easier to trace individual cables during moves, adds and changes.

768 E-Series ISP Co-Location Cabinet

E-Series ISP Co-Location Cabinet for environments that need separate, secure equipment compartments for multiple users.

2 Fan Kit for M-Series MegaFrame Cabinets

Fan Kit provides optional ventilation and cooling for the cabinet.

1 Foam Insert for Cable Ports

Foam Insert For Cable Ports; For Filtered Ventilation System; Package of 2