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Frame Supported Aisle Containment

Frame Supported Aisle Containment

Ideal for colocation facilities and data centers requiring easy roll-in/roll-out capabilities, this solution combines self-closing Aisle Containment Double Door Assemblies at each end of the aisle and the Frame Supported Exhaust Duct that features an independent frame that can stand on its own.

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18 Adjustable Height Filler Panel

Adjustable Height Filler Panel is an optional accessory that is used with the Frame Supported Hot Aisle Containment (HAC) Solution and the Cabinet Supported Cold Aisle Containment (CAC) Solution. In both instances the panel is added when cabinets vary<

12 Aisle Containment Door Assembly

Use with all CPI containment solutions. The door assembly encloses the end of an aisle between adjacent cabinet rows. Available in single- and double-door assemblies. Fits snugly against the cabinets, and features an integrated interior handle, full he

8 Containment Floor Front Seal Kit

Floor Seal Kits block bypass airflow underneath cabinets to prevent leakage from the contained aisle.

10 Containment Floor Side Seal Kit

Floor Seal Kits block bypass airflow underneath cabinets to prevent leakage from the contained aisle.

12 Door Mounting Bracket

Secures the Aisle Containment Door Assembly to the tops of the cabinets. Two versions for use with or without Door Standoff Kit (P/N 32870). Includes two brackets; available in three height ranges.

4 Door Standoff Kit

Offsets door from the side of the cabinets, so floor mounting hardware is not located over the edges of the floor tiles. Provides approximately 2.5” (64 mm) standoff.

12 Door Top Seal Kit

Use with Cabinet Supported Solutions only. Flush mount and offset mount versions available in three size ranges. Seals the gap above the door when the door is attached to cabinets over 88” (2235 mm) tall.

2 Floor Mounting Template for Aisle Containment

Provides a pattern for marking and drilling the floor when installing Aisle Containment Doors. Reusable, only one required.

10 Universal Cabinet End Panel

The Universal Cabinet Panels fill gaps between the top of the cabinet and the Frame Supported Exhaust Duct. Adjusts height for 3U, 6U, 9U and 11U cabinet height differences.