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Zone/Distributed Cabling (Schools, Hospital, etc.)

Chatsworth Products (CPI) offers a wide range of products that support network cabling and connections in a variety of applications including schools, hospitals and other areas where space may be limited. CPI's wall- and ceiling-mounted products create a network where cable and connections can be easily updated or reconfigured with minimal disruption to the work environment. Additionally, today's mobile workforce needs a flexible workspace where it is easy to deploy new technologies, add workers and move workstations as required. The key to a flexible workspace is careful distribution design and product selection. Below is a list of recommended products for your zone/distributed cabling needs. For a more detailed list, please download this application specification sheet. Configure your own wall-mount cabinet system using our Product Configurator.


Wall-Mounted Cabinet

Recommended size: 36H x 24W x 24D (19U)

Example part number: 11900-736

ThinLine II

Wall-Mounted Cabinet

Recommended size: 26H x 26W x 8.5D (4U)

Example part number: 13050-712

Ceiling Enclosure For Hubs

Switches and Patch Panels

Example part number: 13812-001

Large NEMA-Rated Wireless Wall-Mount Enclosure

Example part number: AAT-WME-P