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Security Infrastructure Protection

Protecting your technology investment through infrastructure security solutions.

Unauthorized access to facilities, equipment and resources, as well as protecting personnel and property requires multiple layers of security. These security systems depend on a reliable network infrastructure. Similarly, when it comes to the highly sensitive information businesses and organizations handle on a daily basis, security is a top priority. A secure IT infrastructure, whether it's located in a computer room, data center or in an unsecured space where security devices are required, should be as reliable and safe as the data being managed. Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) physical security solutions offer innovation, configurability, quality and value with a breadth of integrated system components, covering virtually all your physical layer needs.

Download the Physical Security Brochure

Indoor Equipment Support

Wall-Mount Enclosed Systems

CUBE-iT™ Cabinet System

CUBE-iT™ Wall-Mount Cabinet provides a secure, easy-to-install, swingout storage solution for information and communications technology (ICT) equipment. Attractive design, security features and range of optional fan kits make it ideal for public areas or equipment rooms with limited floor space.

Wall-Mount Open Systems

Standard Swing Gate Wall Rack

General use, swing frame is used to support network equipment for a small size network. Provides easy access to the rear of equipment. UL Listed.

Rack Systems

Standard Rack 3”D (80 mm)

For value conscious, high-volume applications; includes integrated grounding features. UL Listed. Weight capacity of 1000 lb (453.6 kg), evenly distributed.

QuadraRack® 4-Post Frame

Offers strength and stability of a cabinet (front and rear support for equipment) in an open mounting system. Weight capacity of 2000 lb (907.2 kg), evenly distributed.

Velocity® Double-Sided Vertical Cable Manager

For value-conscious two- and four-post cable management applications.

For value-conscious overhead support of cable pathway within and outside of the equipment room.

Enclosed Cabinet Systems

GF-Series GlobalFrame® Gen 2 Cabinet

Fully assembled, steel cabinet with perforated front and rear doors for optimal airflow; includes casters with 2250 lb rolling load (3000 lb static load). UL Listed.

Protection in Seismic Environments

CPI provides products to meet the structural requirements for installation in areas with seismic activity. Many of these products have been preapproved by California’s Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) to meet requirements for critical facilities such as hospitals. Seismic products include but are not limited to:

Wire Cage Enclosures

Use to create a security partition around equipment in shared facility spaces. Welded base plates bolt to floor, optional ceiling and a variety of door locks are available. Contact CPI Technical Support to configure.

Zone Enclosures

Ceiling-mounted zone enclosures create consolidation points, and secure equipment outside of the equipment room. This simplifies future moves, adds and changes of network cabling, which results in cost savings.

Environmental Solutions

RMR® Industrial Enclosures

Provide protection for sensitive equipment in nonhazardous, indoor locations such as a warehouse, factory or parking deck. RMR® Industrial Enclosures provide NEMA Type 4 and 12 and IP 55 and 66 protection for IT equipment and automation electronics. Enclosure types include but are not limited to:

NEMA-Rated Wireless Wall-Mount Enclosures

Provides protection for wireless access points for light industrial and exterior use. These enclosures are rated for NEMA Type 1, 2, 3, 3R, 4, 4X and 13.

Environmental Monitoring

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM-750)

Provides remote monitoring of environmental sensors for a single server cabinet or a small computer or telecommunications equipment room. Select from a full line of sensors for continuous environmental, power and security monitoring.

KVM Systems

Provide compact, simple and cost-effective single-user keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) switching solutions for four-post racks and cabinets. View multiple DVR/NVR at the rack through a single set of peripherals.

Power Distribution

eConnect® Intelligent Power Distribution

Provides advanced power management, environmental monitoring and access control. eConnect® PDUs provide power monitoring and control to the outlet level, temperature and humidity monitoring and electronic access control (locks). eConnect PDU web-based interface provides remote access, automated monitoring with alarms and outlet control, easy configuration and user management.

eConnect® Electronic Access Control

Provides an easy-to-use and economical networked electronic lock solution for GlobalFrame front and rear doors, enabling regulatory compliance requirements such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS 3.2 or SSAE 16. Proximity reader recognizes most employee HID cards. Remote programming, monitoring and access through eConnect PDU (required for lock operation).